I’m a Melbourne-based web developer, currently building exciting museum technology with ACMI.

I build web-based services using python & front-end, among other things. I’ve been working as a web developer since 2009. I like to connect with my tech community through meet-ups, Twitter & code mentoring.

Outside projects

Creative Coding


I like to explore the field of creative coding, using OpenFrameworks, Processing, d3, web video, web audio, and whatever is at hand when I’m inspired.


My projects on Ravelry

I knit sweaters & scarves, and enjoy thinking about the overlaps of pixels, stitches, patterns and algorithms. I love to meet other developers who are also crafters & makers.


I enjoy teaching and mentoring in Python, Ruby, Rails & front-end, especially to groups that are marginalized in tech.


I’m involved in community groups like Stockholm Ruby, RailsGirls, ClojureBridge and more.