Ali Haberfield Makes Websites

I live in Berlin, where I make responsive, mobile-ready websites, games, online shops, apps and more for clients of all sizes. I like to learn new things every day. I’m a web generalist with diverse web development experience: a good person to have on your team when you’ve got something big to do, right now.

I'm currently available for web development projects in Stockholm and surrounds. Got such a project? Let's talk.

Take a look at what I've got in my toolbox to help your project shine:

  • Code:
    • HTML/CSS
    • JavaScript (JQuery, AngularJS)
    • PHP/MySQL
    • Mobile apps with PhoneGap/Cordova
  • Frameworks & CMS
    • Java - Tapestry Framework
    • Python - Flask/Jinja2 framework
    • Typo3
    • WordPress
    • xt:Commerce
  • Tools of the trade:
    • PhpStorm, SublimeText, Terminal, VirtualBox
    • Git (check me out on Github)
    • Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
  • Project scaffolding:
    • Agile/scrum methodology
    • Strong communication skills, clever solutions
    • Translation and accountability between development, design and business teams


Sometimes alone, sometimes in a team, making things makes my heart beat faster. Here are some things I've made:

Vita-Proof Web Lounge

A set of nutritional tools & calculators, under contract with cosmoblonde, 2013 & 2014.

  • Highly interactive AngularJS front-end
  • Data storage/retrieval with Cookies, JSON & Typo3 form data
  • Typo3 template integration
  • HTML/CSS/AngularJS/Typo3


An experimental social networking platform for medical graduates, in contract with the Humboldt Viadrina School Of Governance, 2013-2014.

  • Case data visualisation & search tool with AngularJS (view local demo here)
  • Design implementation & templating, integrating with Java Tapestry
  • HTML/CSS/AngularJS/Java Tapestry

Deutsche Levante Verlage

E-Commerce solution for publishing group, September 2013

  • Custom BigCommerce templates
  • Shop localisation and translation
  • HTML/CSS/JQuery

The Blogforever project

Creating a web archive capable of preserving social media, to August 2013.


  • Front-end developer
  • Flask/Jinja2 web application templating
  • Design/UX
  • Testing and code verification


Hack from the Berlin Geekettes Hackathon, March 2013

A fun SoundCloud API hack to search through SoundCloud's library of long, downloadable DJ mixes to find tracks to exercise to.

The JourneyMix team won equal fourth prize.


Freelance web development, 2011-2013.

Re-build and re-launch of the xt:Commerce website, promotional micro-sites and print materials.


  • Typo3 CMS templating and customisation
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript features
  • Photoshop design and graphics production
  • Design/UX/Concepting

The Golden Egg

A game to promote xt:Commerce's attendance at CeBIT 2012 in Hannover.

I sourced a white-label game, re-engineered the game mechanics, and replaced the graphics with in-house material.


Steph Morris

Personal site for a Berlin-based author, 2011


  • Solo project
  • Design/UX/Photoshop
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript development
  • PageLime CMS set-up


Website upgrade for Berlin-based bottle manufacturing company in 2010.


  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript development
  • Content review and refresh

Inner West Acupuncture

Website design and build for a Sydney-based small business in 2009.


  • Solo project
  • Design/UX/Concepting
  • SEO and Google business promotion
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript development
  • Content development